Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week 2 MTC

Dec 3, 2015

This week has been such an amazing week! There is rarely a dull moment at the MTC. There is so much to do and so very little time to get everything done. I find it amazing how busy I am. I am slowly starting to retrain my brain to think like a missionary and focus on the investigators needs. Its hard transitioning from an educational presentation of doctrine to personalizing the gospel to every individual's needs. I'm slowly figuring it out though.

I had an amazing experience with one of my TRC investigators (Training Resource Center). Normally companions only teach a TRC investigator for one week, but we had the opportunity to teach ours for two weeks. We were struggling to explain everything. We went through the Plan of Salvation, Restoration, and The Book of Mormon. He told us two lessons ago, that he was just confused. During daily planning session, my companions and I did a Book of Mormon read to try and learn what he needs to do and feel to come closer to Christ. We created a list of things he was confused on and we picked a couple of topics we could re-teach. We also thought that maybe he should do a Book of Mormon read with us. Our last lesson with him, we went through the usual introduction and then all 3 of us felt like we needed to do a Book of Mormon read with him (This is the clearest prompting I have ever received). We had him open up to a random page and then we went opened up to that page. He opened to Alma 50. We started reading each verse slowly and pausing for about 5 seconds between each verse. Periodically, one of us would speak up and share something we got out of a verse. After a couple of our comments, our investigator started to make comments on the relevance of the Book of Mormon to today. As missionaries, we shut our mouths and let the spirit open his. At the end of the lesson, he knew that there was more to the Book of Mormon than he had thought and when we asked him to read it, he said yes with conviction. Before, he was reading it because we wanted him to. Now, he is reading it because he wants to. 

We had another investigator who was reading the Book of Mormon and really enjoyed the genealogy. He got board over Thanksgiving and read all the way to Enos. He had been praying to know if the book was true, but he never received an answer. After reading Enos, he decided to read with more intent and pray longer. He then told us that he felt an overwhelming sense of peace; that the Book was true. We asked him to be baptized and he said yes (unfortunately it's only fictitious). 

I have gained a huge testimony on Priesthood Blessings. I wont talk about this much because some of these experiences are very sacred to me (Don't worry mom, they are in my journal). There is nothing (quite literally nothing) like feeling God's power, love, and concern for an individual. God and Jesus Christ are real! They love and care Deeply for each of you. If you need comfort, get a blessing! If you are really sick, get a blessing! Exercise your faith. I am certain that God is acutely aware of everything that transpires in our lives. If you feel like your problem is to small for a blessing, you're probably wrong.

I love my companions to death! I would easily take a bullet for each of them. I'm now part of a trio because one of the Elders had some medical problems and needed to return home. I'm now paired up with Elder Reeves and Elder Eddards. They are such an amazing example to me. We each have our strengths and we try to let each others strengths shine. I've learned that all three of us are so similar and yet polar opposites. I know that we were not randomly thrown together but Heavenly Father guided us into each others lives. We have started trying to memorize a verse of scripture a day. We aren't perfect but in 5 days we have 4 scriptures memorized: Matthew 4:17, 1 Nephi 10:20, 1 Nephi 7:12, and D&C 88:119. I bet with my busy schedule I can memorize more than you can :P

Our district is still incredibly close. We always try to plan our schedules so we can all be together. We go to the Temple together, eat together, and gym together. We are all really fond of each other. 

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