Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Week 88

Hello Friends and Family

This has been a busy week. All of the members are realizing how soon Elder Snow is leaving so people have been trying to schedule appointments with us for a final goodbye dinner. My new companion was called this morning. I am incredibly excited to serve with him. We actually sat by each other on the plane ride out, so it will be interesting when we both leave.
I have accidentally started a tradition of making bread every p-day. I found a bread maker in the apartment and several months ago Sister Weed gave the entire mission a bread recipe. Now every Monday morning both sets of Deep Creek Elder come over to have fresh Mediterranean bread.

Transfers are still hectic. Its pretty fun trying to figure out how every missionary is going to get from point A to point B along with deciding were they are going in the first place.

We committed one on our investigators to live the word of wisdom and the lesson went extremely well. I was really excited to see how well they accepted it and promised they would try it for a little while.

Tonight is actually going to be a really fun night because we are going to do some more service for a family we are trying to work with. I am so excited because I think they are not only interested in our free labor, but they might be a little interested in our message. Hopefully everything goes well tonight.

I love yall,
-Elder Shill

Week 87

Hello Friends and Family!

I apologize for how short this email is going to be. We went to the Zoo this morning and then ate all you can eat sushi as a full zone and in about 4 min we are going to meet with President Weed to begin planning transfers. I love ya'll. This week has been amazing. The family that was baptized now has callings so they are doing such a fantastic job. 

I love ya'll!
-Elder Shill

Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 86

Dear Family!

So this week has been absolutely incredible. 

On Friday the entire "E" family was baptized. Because so many people came Bishop had to have everyone move to the chapel so there would be enough seats. It was such a beautiful service! To make it even better several missionaries were their because they had investigators come to the baptism as well. It was awesome to see so many peoples lives being touched. 

Saturday the "E" Family requested that we come over so they could have added protection from the adversary. In accommodation with their request, and because we love going to their house, first thing in the morning we went to their house for breakfast. After breakfast we did our companionship study with them and they helped us plan for our investigators. Later that day Bro. "E" actually came with us to teach a couple people. He did such an amazing job! I was blown away by how many PMG skills he had. 

Sunday the entire family was confirmed. I had the opportunity to Confirm their son "K". It was amazing. Later during priesthood opening exercises, Bro. "E" was given the Aaronic priesthood and then he gave his son the Aaronic priesthood. A tender moment to say the least. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to learn from the "E" family. They are rock stars who just love the Gospel. 

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were zone conferences. The theme for these conference was, "Preparing the Mission to Train." On Aug 1, approximately 30 missionaries go home and just over 30 come out. The logistics for this are impressively complex. President Weed gave a great talk about obedience and corrected our understanding of the phrase "Obedience brings blessings, and exact obedience brings miracles".  I will share the talk with y'all when I get it. President typed it out because he wanted to give it to missionaries in the future. 

During the zone conference we gave a training about Amalackiah, which is one of the best planners in the Book of Mormon. When I get home, remind me to give this training to y'all because it is the best. 

I love y'all,
-Elder Shill

P.S. Thanks for the Dum-dums! I literally jumped on the couch and started feasting as I explained to everyone why my family sent a box of dum-dums.


Week 85

Hello Friends and Family!

This week has been such a great week. I feel like I am officially moved into the Portsmouth area because I finally attended church their. My first Sunday I had to go to New Bern and the second Sunday was Stake Conference.
For a couple of weeks we have been working with this family that Elder Snow and Elder Richins found. This family was 110% prepared to hear the Gospel. Sunday night they all had their Baptismal interviews and passed, which means that this Friday that entire family is going to be baptized.

We also had an incredible time yesterday doing service for some potential investigators. They have so much faith in Jesus Christ! The missionaries ran into them back in January and we got back in contact with them a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday we helped them clear some vines from their yard and then they fed us some eggplant lasagna and muscles. I loved it.

Wednesday we had a Mission Leadership Council and we finished planning all of Zone Conference. Within 2 transfers pretty much they entire mission will be participating with Training new missionaries. Therefore, our focus this transfer is to train the trainers.

We also went on 3 exchanges this week. For 2 of them we split our tiny area and both proselyted here. For the last one I went to the Tidewater YSA area. Our focus for the exchange was working with members. After doing a little bit of studying we said a prayer and walked out the door. I kid you not, 3 seconds later a lady turned around and asked us if we were the Mormon missionaries. We learned that she had just moved in and was a member herself. She also told us that she had several friends she wanted to share the gospel with.

Love y'all
-Elder Shill