Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 11

Hello Friends and Family,

This week has been great! The snow has melted and it is 70 degrees today. As much as I hate the heat, missionary work is so much easier because people are actually outside. One of my favorite parts about the area I am in is I have the opportunity to ride a bike. It is so much fun stopping people on the streets and throwing mine and their comfort zone out the window. We meet some pretty funny people with some pretty interesting names. Sometimes I'm not sure if people are giving us fake names or if they are being completely serious. One person stopped us on the street and just thanked us for actually following Christ. He said that Mormons really showed others, through their actions, their devotion to Him.

Baptism is immanent! Our investigator, Heather, is completely prepared for baptism! She is so excited to join the church. Every time we talk with her there is even more light in her eyes. She is becoming eager to learn about the church. The more she learns, the more she loves it.

We have several other new Investigators that have a ton of potential. You can usually tell who is going to be progressing and who isn't. One of our new investigators we have been able to teach daily and he is already excited for baptism. I'm just hopping that his faith will be strong enough to help him get to church a couple of times.

Lessons I learned:
  • The Lord places people in your path, if you listen: On exchanges this week we had a really neat experience where we were lead by the spirit to a new investigator. We were about to go across town to visit some people but we decided to visit an Investigator who lived near the area we were at. As soon as we hopped off our bikes, a man walked out of his apartment and saw us. Our exchange focus was "Talk to Everyone" so we decided to talk to him. As we were teaching he said that 1) He didn't really know why he came out side 2) He's been struggling in life, and 3) We brightened his day. We are going to meet with him tomorrow. As a side note, the person we were going to stop by wasn't even home.
  • Everyone needs the gospel: We recently started teaching this guy, we had met before. We played basket ball against him on p-day. As we were teaching him, he started opening up with many sincere question about religion, and where there are so many different churches. He said he is interested in learning more about our church, and accepted to be baptized when he knows for him self.
  • Sharing the Gospel brings happiness: Quite simply, the most successful feeling days are the days we talked to everyone and declared repentance.

I will try to take more pictures this week.

I love and miss y'all,
-Elder Shill

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