Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 85

Hello Friends and Family!

This week has been such a great week. I feel like I am officially moved into the Portsmouth area because I finally attended church their. My first Sunday I had to go to New Bern and the second Sunday was Stake Conference.
For a couple of weeks we have been working with this family that Elder Snow and Elder Richins found. This family was 110% prepared to hear the Gospel. Sunday night they all had their Baptismal interviews and passed, which means that this Friday that entire family is going to be baptized.

We also had an incredible time yesterday doing service for some potential investigators. They have so much faith in Jesus Christ! The missionaries ran into them back in January and we got back in contact with them a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday we helped them clear some vines from their yard and then they fed us some eggplant lasagna and muscles. I loved it.

Wednesday we had a Mission Leadership Council and we finished planning all of Zone Conference. Within 2 transfers pretty much they entire mission will be participating with Training new missionaries. Therefore, our focus this transfer is to train the trainers.

We also went on 3 exchanges this week. For 2 of them we split our tiny area and both proselyted here. For the last one I went to the Tidewater YSA area. Our focus for the exchange was working with members. After doing a little bit of studying we said a prayer and walked out the door. I kid you not, 3 seconds later a lady turned around and asked us if we were the Mormon missionaries. We learned that she had just moved in and was a member herself. She also told us that she had several friends she wanted to share the gospel with.

Love y'all
-Elder Shill

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