Friday, April 1, 2016

Week 19

Hello Friends and Family!

To me, Easter is the most important holiday of the year. It is without a doubt my favorite holiday. Frequently as members of the Christian world, we nonchalantly use words like resurrection and atonement without completely understanding the hope that emanates from these simple words. Phrases like, "He Lives" and "Hallelujah" ring passively through our minds. Like many, I never fully realized the significance of this celebrated event. It wasn't until I had the opportunity to frequently bear my testimony this week on the resurrection of Jesus Christ that I started to comprehend what Christ had done for me. He Lives! Because he lives, we know that Jesus Christ is the Christ, the savior of the world, the son of God, the prince of peace, the creator of the world, and the light and life of the world. His resurrection is proof that He is the Great I AM. I am so grateful to dedicate 2 years of my life to teaching people about Christ and the hope he brings into our lives. Because He lives, we will too.

As for my week, it has been pretty good. We are still working our hardest and were able to find 4 more people. Unfortunately none of our investigators made it to church, but several less actives did. I'm hopping that the harder we work, the more referrals we will get from members in this area. 
The most important lesson I learned this week is the reality of Christ. 
I love yall,
- Elder Shill
Feeling the Force

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