Thursday, October 20, 2016

Week 48

Hello Friends and Family

This week has been one crazy week. We have done an incredible amount of service. I have also learned that the blessings from the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood and the Word of Wisdom are real. Prior to my mission I was a nerdy software developer. I sat in a chair for hours on end getting little to no exercise. When I wasn't programming I was watching Netfilx or eating ice cream. How I was not obese is beyond my comprehension. This week I helped stores and families evacuate, clean up limbs and trees, and bag/transport/place well over 7000 sand bags throughout the city. Some how, task after task I had just enough energy to continue on. Some how, I was able to continue lifting hundreds of sand bags in and out trucks. Some how, I did not drop the plethora of furniture we moved on myself or my companion. Some how, I could keep going when I know back home my body would have given out in 30 min. Even more amazing I was able to maintain a smile on my face the whole time. Needless to say, my mind is blown. I am grateful for the covenants and commandments that bless us.
Hiott Walker got Baptized!!! It was so fun teaching him the past 6 weeks and watching him progress in the Gospel. I was able to confirm him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and give him the Holy Ghost. That was such a neat experience. 

I Love yall,
-Elder Shill

P.S. 7000 bags x 40lb per bag + 6,000lbs of furniture = 286,000lbs of stuff. (I promise this is not an exaggeration!)


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