Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 58 Merry Christmas!

Hello Friends and Family!

This has been a fantastic week. I am so grateful for all of the members that have taken us under their wing this Christmas season. This has probably been one of my favorite Christmas's. We started Christmas off by going to the Howard's to open presents and eat breakfast. Afterward we went to Church to enjoy our Christmas service. There were some fantastic musical numbers and talks. I loved how strong the spirit was at church. Afterward we went to the Killingers to Skype our families. It was so much fun seeing them again! It is crazy to think that was my 3rd Skype session and I only have one more left. Time has flown by. It is kind of scary to think about how short 2 years really is. 
This week we had an investigator come to bible class and she really enjoyed it. Right afterwards we taught her the Plan of Salvation and she seemed a bit skeptical. At the end we asked her if she had any questions. She said, "Nope, our beliefs are pretty similar. The only difference is you believe in 3 heavens and I believe in 2." Instantly we pulled out 1 Corinthians 15 and showed her where the Bible teaches of different kingdoms of glory. She also said she would continue to come to the bible classes. 

With all of the great things that happened this week I am disappointed how quickly the world has forgotten the season. Today we went shopping and almost instantly everyone lost their Christmas joy, the stores had removed their Christmas items, and the radio was no longer playing Christmas music. Within 12 hours, society has expelled Christmas. I was mildly impress by how quickly people had moved onto other things searching for happiness. I hope we each take the Brethren's challenge and keep the spirit of Christmas with us throughout the year.  

I love y'all,
-Elder Shill


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