Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 62

Hello Friends and Family!
We had so many hilarious experiences this week and we accomplished a lot of work.

I went on two exchanges this week. My first one was with Elder Free who is a spanish missionary. I love going on spanish exchange because it forces me to listen to the spirit in order to teach a lesson. I wouldn't say I have the gift of tongues and can understand everything, but somehow I do understand the context of the conversation. As we were tracting a new trailer park we ran into a family that converts about every 3 years to a different church. They were very warm and friendly. As we (or rather Elder Free) talked to them on their door step they invited us inside to look at a picture they had up on their wall. Hanging on the wall next to the front door was a beautiful yet bizarre picture. There was a floating island full of people surrounded by a river of lava. This island was a melting pot full of different races, cultures, and political views. Among the people were angels of God standing as ushers. After browsing the people I noticed the last angel standing on the edge of the island throwing people off into the lava river. Every day when these people leave their home they are reminded of the awful damnation that awaits the wicked. How quaint... We did have a really good lesson with a less active family!

The second exchange was with Elder Horton. The engine light to the car turned on so we spent the first half of the day in the dealership. To pass the time Elder Horton and I went out to tracked a nearby neighborhood. Rarely will I skip a house while tracting; However, as we started to move to our next house we noticed the open side door and a rather old lady in her birthday suit.... Needless to say we skipped that house.  

We picked up a new investigator who lives a stones throw away from our recent convert. He is an older man who has lived in the area for well over a decade. I love when people understand the message of the Restoration and recognize how necessary it was. As we taught you could see the message click inside his head.

We pulled out our bikes on Thursday! I cannot tell ya'll how much I missed biking. It is so easy to talk to people because you can stop anywhere. We drove 15 miles to Grifton and spent the whole day up their talking to as many people as we could. We were able to find a couple potentials. Plus, we visited a less active family and set up a return appointment for them. 

With all the fun we had this week. My highlight was having our progressing investigator come to church and having the ward open their arms to her. I am so grateful for the charity the members have here. This is the perfect ward to come to for the first time!

I love ya'll,
-Elder Shill
Sharing the gospel is literally what brings me the most happiness in life. Out of all the things I have done in my life I feel the most accomplished sharing the gospel.

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