Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Week 71

Hello Friends and Family!

This has been a really great week! We received our transfer calls on Saturday and Elder Collier and I will be staying here in New Bern for another six weeks. I am super excited because this area is beginning to pick up speed. We bought some new white boards today so we could more easily keep track of everyone we meet. We now have a grand total of 4 3x2ft white boards. That's a whopping 24 sq-ft of creative space! Hopefully we will be able to track every person we meet and help them progress to the waters of baptism.

Pollocksville has become one of our favorite places to tract. Before we started budgeting our miles it was near impossible to go there because it was too far away. Now we are able to be there about once a week. As we were retracting, we knocked on a door and the family let us in. As we were teaching them the restoration they started to explain to us that right before we had knocked they had been talking about finding a church to go to. The Lord really does prepare people for us to talk to. The lesson went well and we are so excited to introduce The Book of Mormon to them. I love seeing someone who I know is prepared to hear the gospel. We found another family that we were able to teach as well.

We also found several families as we were tracting in New Bern that warmly welcomed us back. I am quite excited about a couple of them. We haven't been able to teach any of them yet, but soon we should be able to have a couple of families in our teaching pool. 

Another highlight was the Gospel Principles class. This week it was on the Priesthood and amazingly there were a lot of members there who usually go to Gospel Doctrine or aren't able to come because of work. There were many comments that were shared about how the Priesthood has been a blessing in their life. I think one of my favorite parts about this church is how it is built around sharing testimonies. As I heard the testimonies of these experienced members I was so grateful for the Priesthood that I hold and resolved to honor it better.  I know that God's authority has been restored to the earth.

I love yall,
-Elder Shill

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