Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week 68

Hello Friends and Family!

This has been quite a week! On Thursday we had a special MLC because some people from the MTC were visiting our mission. I'm not going to lie, I totally thought we were going to get iPads. Every time the thought entered my mind it just became more possible. Unfortunately we did not get the long awaited iPads, but we did receive some fantastic training on the Plan-Study-Teach cycle.  I loved being able to hear the training first hand and I am excited to begin implementing what I learned their. Everything we do as missionaries is designed to help people develop faith. Brother Mills explained that our entire life we have been sheep nurtured and fed by the word of God. He said, " Each of you has been going to church, seminary, and studying the scriptures to be fed, but when you put on your black name tag you became a shepherd! You are responsible to feed his sheep!" He invited us to stop studying for ourselves and to focus completely on the people we teach. We then learned a pattern for discerning testimony and deciding what invitations we need to extend. My favorite part of the MLC was President Weed's testimony at the very end. It has been amazing to watch him grow into his calling the past couple of months. He bore a beautiful testimony about us calling order out of chaos. That is what the gospel does to people. It produces order in a chaotic world.
The work is still going here. We had to pass our only investigator to another set of missionaries because he lived out side of our area. Elder Collier and I are starting to become quite creative in our finding efforts. We are creating sub areas and carefully scheduling where we will be each day of the week. We are also developing trackting records so we can record which streets we have knocked. I am so excited to put our new plan to the test. We may not be having the most success, but we are definitely putting forth our best efforts. 
I love yall,
-Elder Shill
P.S. Please watch the Face to Face with President Eyring and Elder Holland! It is amazing!

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