Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 50 (Birthday Dinner Part 2)

Hello Friends and Family!

Thank you all for the Birthday wishes and packages! I really appreciate it! This week has been an amazing week! Here is a cool miracle:

This week I went on exchanges with Elder Hess, who is a spanish elder. After visiting a couple of people we went out exploring for mobile home parks they could track. In the process, we turned down a little road that had about 4 mobile homes at the end; none of which appeared to have spanish speakers. Reaching the end of the road, we began to turn around when our car sunk into the grass. Quickly we became stuck. After trying a couple minutes to push the car out we heard a voice call from behind us," Hello Elders". We turned around to find an older lady standing on her porch with a smile on her face. As we began talking with her we discovered that she is not a member but her son is. She called her son and he helped us get unstuck. As of right now, nothing has resulted from it, but I know that that was the lord starting something.

So apparently Facebook has this new feature called Facebook live. Frequently as we do service someone is walking around with their phone recording us and giving us a quick shout out.

I love y'all,
-Elder Shill


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