Thursday, July 28, 2016

Week 36

Hello Friends and Family!

This week has been a pretty good week. This week was ward conference and it was absolutely incredible. After church I felt re-invigorated to go out and serve. I love this gospel and I am grateful for the time that I get to spend as a full time missionary. Ward conference was all about protecting the family. It was incredible to see everybody's concern with the dreadful state of the world. The family is such an important part of God's plan for us and Satan is doing everything he can to attack it. I find it amazing that so many people, my self included, forget the importance of daily scripture study and meaningful prayer. These are some of the most basic principles of the gospel and yet they are often so easy to overlook. Scripture study should be just as high, if not higher, as studying for a finals test. 

Things I learned this week:
- Exact obedience points your entire soul towards Christ.
- Memorizing scriptures helps your memory
- Prayer and keeping the Sabbath day holy helps change behavior. 

Sorry for the short email,
-Elder Shill

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